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Use GameDay Payoff on your smartphone through Teamviewer

What is Teamviewer?  Teamviewer is a 3rd party software that allows you to remote in and control another computer or server.

How much does it cost?  It is Free!

Does that mean that I can run GameDay Payoff from my smartphone?  No. You cannot literally run GameDay Payoff from your smartphone, but you can use Teamviewer on your smartphone to remote into a computer or server that is running GameDay Payoff. Then, from within Teamviewer on your smartphone, you can then use GameDay Payoff.

Is this easy? It sounds kind of complicated.  This is very easy to do and only takes minutes to setup. Just install the Teamviewer app on your smartphone and then on the computer or server that is running GameDay Payoff on it.

Where do I get Teamviewer from? (click below)

Teamviewer Mobile

Teamviewer Windows Computer (All-In-One: TeamViewer full version); Server (For unattended access: TeamViewer Host)

Teamviewer Mac

We Would be more than happy to help you set this up or walk you through it. Just email us at

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