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Security is not taken lightly by Sports Vice Solutions.  This translates to security regarding many aspects that might otherwise cause you concern.  Highlighting our attempt to make you have the upmost confidence in using GameDay Payoff are the following:

Book and Player Connection:  While the Book and Player might be connected to one another, there is no need to worry about one or the other changing anything on the other persons computer.  That is because the ability to manipulate balances or existing wagers is not built into the communication layer of the application at all.  Therefore, the software code does not even exist for someone to modify sensitive information over the internet through their direct connection.

Book Access:  A Book that is set up to communicate over the internet is only available, and even seen, to those Players for which he they have extended an invitation.  GameDay Payoff is NOT a means for Players to find and shop Books for which they have no prior relationship with.  There is no open community.  It is closed to the public and you control it.

Player Access:  A Player initiates all communications with a Book.  GameDay Payoff is NOT a means for Books to find and shop Players for which they have no prior relationship with.

Discovering One Another:  The mechanism for a Book and Player to become connected with one another is fast, secure, and the only communication that goes through SVS at all.  When a Player enters the password and imports the file that was sent to them by their Book, the Player and the Book establish a connection through our servers and then we release that connection.  Also, whenever a Book launches the application, the discovery service is again used just so that his Players can find him.  Then, SVS again loses that connection.

Direct Information Exchange:  Transmissions between the Book and the Player do not pass through any of SVS servers so we, therefore, do not know the content of what is being transmitted or who is even doing the transmitting.  Since information exchanged between a Book and his Players does in no way pass through SVS servers, the data is neither retained or even seen by SVS.

SVS Gives, But Does Not Take:  SVS only sends data.  We do not receive data.  Therefore, we are not taking any information from your computer, nor do we have a structure in place to even gain access to it.

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