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Investors (Limited Offering)

Making It Simple For the Everyday Man

Investment Minimum/Maximum: $500/Make Me An Offer

What's It going to be Used For?: Product Enhancement and Web-Based Version!
How You Pay It: You can pay us with a check, through your PayPal account, or by using any major credit card.
What You Get: You get 15 times your investment amount plus lifetime GameDay Payoff Data Feed. We will also give you a direct line to us with priority consideration of feature enhancement suggestions and personal product support urgency. If you’re a GameDay customer, the feed, the say, and the support alone offsets your risk enough to invest.
How We Pay You: Basically, the investor will receive monthly residuals from 10% of sales based on how much was contributed. Unlike profits which can be manipulated, sales are sales and it's a top line figure. With consistent growth, you will recover your 15 times investment within 3 years.
Our Future: We are working on a web-based version of GameDay Payoff. This will be accompanied by a mobile version.
Comments: Hands down, we have the best software in the industry and it's priced at a point that makes it irresistable. For these reasons, that's why you're already using it or about to. Only 5% of this top 10 industry in the world is reserved for brick and mortar establishments or online activity. That leaves 95% of this growth industry ripe for using GameDay Payoff. While the offer lasts, don't you think it's better to not only use our product, but to get in on it?

For more information, please put "Investor" in the subject line and inquire at

WARNING: If you’re an institutional investor, this probably isn’t for you. There is no vacillating and the process to invest is rather painless. Furthermore, it will most obviously conflict with your innate requirement to make the investment process far more laborious than it is to actually run the business you are investing in. Please continue wasting your time, but do not waste mine.

WARNING2: Many people believe they are “investors”, but at the end of the day they wouldn’t pull the trigger if they were offered $110 cash right in front of them to write a check for only $50. Unfortunately, you are not developed enough to know who you are yet so this warning, in theory, is a waste of time. Sorry about that. Regardless, MOST people out there play big man until it actually comes time to “write a check”. If you are mature enough to know that at the end of the day you would not “write a check” regardless of anything you discover about us, please join the institutional investor clan by not wasting my time. However, if you are someone that can actually “write a check” and wants to make some real money, we’ll make it easier for you by accepting an investment payment through PayPal or any major credit card instead of requiring you to just "write a check".

EXPERIENCE: For those of you that are curious, we have raised over $500,000 through private investors in the past and this should serve as some testament to that fact that we know what we are doing. Don’t be turned off by our straightforward approach in turning your money into more money. If we had followed the institutional investor approach or catered to them, there wouldn’t be a GameDay Payoff and you certainly wouldn’t have this opportunity before you right now.

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