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If 24 hour access to your Book or safety/security concerns are the only thing preventing you from using GameDay Payoff with Direct Connection, there are two VERY SIMPLE solutions to choose from.
1. You can use a remote access application such as Teamviewer Website to control one of your computers from any other computer.  Ideally, you would have the GameDay Payoff - Book application on a stationary computer at home and then you would use a laptop or some other computer to access your Book application 24/7.  OR... 
2. For added safety/security, you can use a VPS (virtual private server).  A 3rd party hosting company will basically give you their computer to use and you can very easily remote into it.  While this may sound scary to the non-computer people, it is a very simple thing and the hosting company will do all of the work for you.

In either case, the screen to the computer hosting GameDay Payoff - Book can be on your computer just as if you were directly using it.

Using Teamviewer (Solution 1):
Teamviewer is a free application you may download from Teamviewer Website.  Put this on the computer that has GameDay Payoff - Book installed onto it.  You can have this program downloaded and installed in under 3 minutes.  While installing, you should assign a password and allow Teamviewer to start up with Windows.  This will allow you to gain access to the GameDay Payoff - Book from anywhere in the world.

While that takes care of the computer that is hosting GameDay Payoff - Book, you still need a computer to gain access to the hosting computer.  Ideally, if you have a portable laptop, use that.  Repeat the process and then use Teamviewer to gain access to the host.  The whole process is quite intuitive, which makes it extremely easy to do.  Again, this will be free to you.

If you do not own a secondary portable computer and need to gain access from public computers, you can use Teamviewer from a thumb (or flash) drive and gain access to the host this way from any computer in the world.  All you have to do is use the version of Teamviewer entitled, "For mobile use: TeamViewer Portable" and it can be found at Teamviewer Downloads.  However, using the portable version of Teamviewer requires at least a Corporate license.  As of this writing, a corporate license is $749.  As a less costly alternative to this, consider using a VPS.

Using VPS (Solution 2):
There are many advantages to doing it this way.
1. There is added safety and security by not having data on your computer.  All of your data will be on their computer that you are renting instead of on your local computer.  Your actual data may be as far away as another state or even another country with only you having access to it.
2. Using Remote Desktop Connection (which they provide), you can log in to your VPS from anywhere in the world at any time and do whatever you have to do with GameDay Payoff - Book.
3. You can have them open the port (23210) for Direct Connection to work and you won't need to mess with it.
4. Most VPS rental packages include automatic back up systems.  Nothing will ever be lost.
5. If anything is wrong with your system, more than likely, they will fix it.

We will gladly assist you with finding and setting up a VPS if you contact us at