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Real-Time Wager Status:  Whether you are using an internet sportsbook, Las Vegas, or GameDay Payoff, you can experience the ability to know your wager status at any given time.  Scores are applied to any wager that currently has a game being played.  The information provided includes whether the wager is currently winning/losing, by how many points, what pace the game is on, and if you are winning/losing according to that pace.  The total amount winning/losing is even calculated and applied separately to your current balance for a real-time balance.

Direct Connection:  Allows a computer connection between an already established Book and his Players eliminating the need for phone calls or writing anything down. There is no hosting, website, per player fee, or 3rd party software to contend with. The Book uses GameDay Payoff - Book version on his computer and the Player uses Game Day Payoff - Player version on their computer.  All communication goes between those two computers with only cyber space in between.  The encrypted signal travelling between those two computers does not even pass through us.  Safe, fast, secure, and reliable is the only way to describe your new relationship using GameDay Payoff.

Accounting-Made-Easy for Sports Wagering:  With all those numbers, all those computations, all those odds, payouts, balances, and transfers, it's a wonder people still have the time to place wagers.  Since you should be focusing on one thing and one thing only, we made sure you could.  With GameDay Payoff, let it do the grunt work while you channel your efforts where it should be.  That being the offering and/or the evaluation and placing of wagers.

Advanced Wager Offerings:  We provide you with the ability to offer and place wager offerings only available for Las Vegas and internet sportsbook patrons.  Until GameDay Payoff made it possible, Books only offered spreads, totals, some money lines, maybe a 2 or 3 play parlay, maybe a 2 or 3 play 6 point teaser, and maybe some limited point buying.  Math and time are the limitations for Books continuing to operate old school with phones.  Using GameDay Payoff, spreads, totals, money lines, up to 25 play parlays, up to 25 play 3 to 21 point teasers, up to 25 play 3 to 21 point pleasers, and action points are available to be offered.  Add to that the ability to buy points in parlays, teasers, pleasers and mix money lines into parlays and you have a brand new game of which the likes have never been seen before.

Parlays, Teasers, and Pleasers Over Multiple Days:  Other than in Las Vegas or with internet sportsbooks, you are probably not allowed to place a multi-play wager that includes action on games scattered over several days.  With GameDay Payoff taking and tracking your wagers, what once seemed impossible now becomes routine.

24/7/365 Wagering:  Why close shop when everyone else is just getting started?  One hour blocks of time one or two times a day are not good for anyone.  Use GameDay Payoff and stay open even while you are away or catching your z's for a night time of sleep.

Wager Recording:  Time to throw out the spiral notebook and the pen.  If you are not taking advantage of the Direct Connection between the Book and his Players, you can still use GameDay Payoff to record your wagers and take full benefit of the value gained by having a powerful, real-time software program do the monitoring and calculating for you.

Wager Filtering/Evaluating:  Ever wondered how you do with certain wager types, the over or under, or the favorite or underdog?  With GameDay Payoff you can answer those questions.  Go with what you know once you know it.

Exposure Management/Line Monitor:  A Book's biggest fear.  You try to move your lines to stay in balance, but with everything moving so fast, you find yourself thousands out of balance.  With GameDay Payoff, never take a hit like that again.  Monitor your lines in real-time to control your overall exposure.

Customized Policy Settings:  With Players across the financial spectrum, making sure that no one gets in over their head is of paramount concern.  Some might have high credit limits while others might not be so high.  Traditional methods have the Book knowing each Player's limit, what their balance is, what is currently open, and then what they are placing to make sure they don't go over.  That’s not an easy thing to do for even the best of Books!  Throw in 50 to 75 players to monitor and your objective becomes unrealistic.  Set customized limits, odds, rules, juice, or anything else you want for each Player and let us do the work for you.

Big 6 Sports Offerings:  Wagering, real-time scores, schedules and box scores for the NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NHL, and Major League Baseball all in one software application.  Can it get any more convenient!

Security:  Realizing the sensitivity, no effort was spared.  All data is encrypted and the structure of the security does not allow Sports Vice Solutions or those connected to you to stray anywhere they should not be.  There is no software code in place at all to allow anyone to take over your computer, view unintended information, or to change anything once it has been recorded.  In creating GameDay Payoff, security was stressed so that you wouldn't have to stress over security!

Games In Progress Scores (Player Version Only):  Anytime there is a game currently being played in the NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NHL, or Major League Baseball, we've got it so that means you've got it.  It is real-time and can be sorted by league to make sure you are always current.  You can even display more than one league at a time.

Box Scores/Schedules (Player Version Only):  The convenience of schedules and box scores all at your fingertips.  Sort by team, date, and/or league to see who's playing who when or statistically how teams have done in the past.

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